NHS data Report

(Published to the use MY data site on 2020-02-13)

The report NHS data Maximising its impact on the health and wealth of the United Kingdom was published on 5 February.

It acknowledges that Citizens have not been involved in setting the rules & principles by which decisions about data use are made and pushes for this to change.

The report has a section Public opinion and engagement. For the report, a series of interviews were conducted. Patients, the public and health care professionals were not consulted. The report addresses this by saying:

Interviewees included representatives from government, the NHS, academia, industry (technology and life sciences), research institutions, charities and data privacy organisations. We have not consulted the public or healthcare professionals for the purposes of this paper, as we chose to focus on experts in the data policy and governance space. Part of the rationale of the paper is to understand which issues should be explored with the public and how to do so.

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